There are so many things that uniquely make up who we are. Some them include the music we listen to, the products we buy, and the destination getaways that remind us of who we truly are at the core.


I have some of the most dynamic, influential, and inspiring people in my circle. I feed off of their energy, and often get introduced to many things that ultimately become my favorite things on the planet.  As summer quickly approaches, here are just a few items that I’m currently obsessed with.



I cannot recall when I first discovered the creative and unique designs of What I do know is that I’m addicted to the bracelets I’ve ordered that all speak to a different vibe I’m in at any given time. offers an array of bracelets, necklaces and additional items all made with the highest level of intricacy and attention to detail. If I were to define what items the sophisticated, ambitious, and global men I know in my life would possess, Boybeads products would be at the top of the list. If you’re looking to provide the perfect gift for your special someone, or if you’re trying to increase your level of swagger, Boybeads might be just the thing you need. You’re welcome!




It’s been said that beards are the new six-packs. That would almost imply that everyone has a six-pack and reaped the benefits of capturing alluring eyes while at the beach. Well if you’re like me and not quite there, and still working on your fitness goals, you may already be very much apart of the beard gang. Since dawning this facial accessory, I’ve been doing my best to ensure my beard looks up to par at all times. There is however, that moment when I’m on a two-week vacation in the Caribbean, and the fresh from the barbershop beard shape up begins to diminish. That’s where the GuyBar comes into play. After I placed and received my order for this cool design that promises to guide men to beard maintenance with a simple guiding tool, I found it to be quite handy in keeping my beard selfie ready between visits in the barber chair, and while far away from home. The GuyBar is a perfect vacation item to include, and easily fits into grooming bags without fuss or taking up too much room.





F**K Me Baby: By Martone

When one of the biggest supporters of happens to be the incomparable musician/ singer Martone, I revel at the opportunity to promote his artistry. I’ve been pushing his latest single F**K ME BABY on my social media outlets recently. Martone shares my love of house music and the euphoric feeling that is invoked while listening to it. This latest single from his upcoming album puts the SEX in sexy while providing a flashback to classic house, with a dash of today’s cultural relevance. To say that this new music is needed is an understatement. It is no coincidence that Martone is currently trending on social media with a catchy hash tag (#FMB) you can’t help but remember. What is summer with out an infectious tune that defines it? F**K ME BABY is currently available on iTunes for listening, and unapologetically for your guilty pleasure.



So there you have it. I’ve given you just a few favorites of mine that are guaranteed to keep us all pumped for summer 2017. As we get our passports stamped, while looking dope and jamming to new music, Let’s tilt our glasses to the sky and say Dammn Baby! This life of ours is authentically and deservingly for us.