Are you fit enough for vacation? If you’re shuffling off to the most recent circuit event with the crew, it’s a legitimate question you’ve asked yourself a million times. We’ve all spent countless hours prancing around in front of the mirror, pulling, tucking and adjusting swimwear you’ve obviously should have went a size up on.

The X’s crossing out the days on the calendar begins to accumulate. It’s all mounting to an army of evidence that your Caribbean getaway under the sun is almost here. The pressure builds, you hate your entire wardrobe, and sadly enough, you can’t fit into what you should after all the tireless workouts you’ve put in. Okay, maybe you’ve skipped a few because the fellas convinced you to join them for Sunday brunch a few times. It happens.

So much energy is placed on the planning, styling, and organizing of adult play dates that we often put unrealistic expectations on a vacation meant bring about peace and tranquility. Have we’ve gotten so consumed with the vision of what our Instagram pictures will look like if we’re not physically in the image of a DC comic superhero? Take a step back, breathe, and know that in this moment, someone else on the planet, even attending your vacation soiree, is having similar thoughts of not being enough.

You’ve worked endless long hours and put up with far too many annoying colleagues to add unnecessary stress to your vacation. This is your time to cut up and be drunk by 11am every day until the end of your stay. Allow yourself some grace and know that the memories you should be making is to provide embarrassing reminders to your buddies on how you had to carry them back to their room after too many mama juanas.

In the words of Dr. Langhorne advising Whitley Gilbert on A Different World, “relax, relate, and release.” Take some time to disconnect fully. Remember what it felt like to not have a cell phone and you were perfectly fine. Be present with your boys and laugh until your stomach hurts or at least until you spill your drink. More importantly, release all notions that you need to be anything other than who you are in that moment. Trust me, however, you physically show up to your destination of choice is nothing short of perfection. No adjustments needed.