There is a culture that exists between many men in which remaining closeted is preferred. I’m not speaking of the teenaged boy fearful of being thrown out the house for being gay, or individuals living in countries where laws forbid same gender loving people to live openly. Sadly in some places in the world, being in the closet is a matter of life or death.

There is however, the question of mature men who have made the decision that living life under the radar when it comes to sexuality, is much better than being disowned by their family or shunned by the church and friends.

Living authentically can be a bold and sometimes scary existence

These men are not under cover in the sense that they are dating women and sleeping with men on the side. They are gay men who are so faithful to keeping others happy, that living life in the closet until the grave is just easier.


Living openly can be a bold and sometimes scary existence. It is up to each individual to decide for him or herself how they choose to navigate through life. One must be careful however when choosing a partner that you are not just doing so because they’re unclockable, but rather that they’re willing to be out front when it truly matters. Every man must be willing to stand for themselves and whom they love much like the family and friends they feel is their duty to protect.

Everyone won’t be on this journey of living fearlessly without limitation, but we can take as many people with us as we can and declare a formidable stance of being happy just as we are. Visibility matters and living in silence is simply not living.