Over the summer, I met with friends in Harlem for brunch on a beautiful, late summer, Sunday afternoon. I’ve had a growing love affair with this part of the city and feel so much energy each time I walk those streets. As Harlem still continues to change its cultural landscape, I noticed it’s getting whiter and also noticeably gay. If you live in the NYC area and remember when it was Chelsea that was the place to be for that brunch date with the crew. You’ve also witnessed it’s flavor be replaced for that of Hells Kitchen. Not long after, Harlem seemed to be a new mecca for the same gender loving persuasion.

Harlem, like many other urban communities in major cities across the nation, has seen the effects of gentrification. Whether that is a good or bad thing, there is a part of many who love the fact that there is a rejuvenation of sorts of in a neighborhood that appears to be more accepting to those who happen to be part of LGBT community.


Whether or not this new influx of same gender loving beings are those of color, I do know that regardless of ethnicity, there is and always have been notable same gender loving men and women of color who historically, have made up the intricate fabric of this vibrant community.

I remain optimistic that one day, we don’t have to carve out sections of any given said metropolis to comfortably live the lives we do. Until that time, I will continue this torrid affair and hope that no one ever finds out where I’ve been creeping. Some things you want to keep to yourself.