It will be almost two years since I’ve launched It has been a labor of love and something that has completely transformed my life for the better. A few months after I launched my platform of love, support, and visibility, I made a video which explains how I, a sometimes unwilling participant in revealing my own truth, came to create this website. I recorded it around Christmas 2016 and never had the courage to put it out there for the world to see.



I’ve reached a point in my life where living within the oppressive chains of the Matrix, religion, and man made rules were no longer serving me anything of purpose. It is now that I let go of this visual version of a story I’ve already told in the hopes that it helps another brother in the struggle live up to his truest potential. Not the life decided for him by society, but the version that warrants the reason he was placed on this planet to begin with. Enjoy!


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