The iconic and incomparable Janet Jackson has cured an ailing music scene with yet another feel good musical summer groove. The ever-evolving Queen of danceability last graced us with her presence when she dropped the spiritually induced Unbreakable album in 2015. Although she’s been on tour consistently before and after some much-needed mommy time, her latest single “Made for Now” featuring Daddy Yankee, continues with putting some respect on a planet that desperately needs it. With all the unbelievable madness occurring all around us, it’s possible that people are awake enough now to not let the impact of Unbreakable go over their Matrix indoctrinated heads. The legendary singer has been showing us the way to bliss for years. Are you listening?



I’ve been grinding incessantly, and silently for months now while isolating myself with only family. As I painfully create a path that is a different from a version of myself that is no longer present or needed, I’ve learned some masterful skills that I felt compelled to share with my #Ruelonoutfront community. These new skills became apparent to me after going on a run listening to Made for Now on repeat.



As I pushed my way over hills in the 94-degree Virginia heat, the lyrics began to sink in and place me in a state of gratitude. I then began to list all the things in my head that were wonderful, amazing, and down right magical even in my experience of chaos. I thought about all that I was doing because I had to, in addition to feeding my creative soul and producing content that I’ve learned recently, still resonates with some men. There is a part of me that thinks, when I slip and have a dark moment, if only effort translated into immediate manifestation. In due time is what I tell myself, in due time.


You get to live in your own creative, and vibrant world internally always.


I’m drenched in sweat; the sun is beaming down on my arms making them sting lightly. I pass a pool at a Tennis club and just for a minute, wish that I could dive into it, then lazily sit poolside with a few drinks. It is then that I manage not to get lost in the what if things were different mentality, but noticed my chest sticking out, the swag in my walk, and my  head held up high as if my neck agreed with this feeling, what I’ve been through, and letting me know much more is coming so keep your head up.




I looked straight ahead at all the greenery and took in the conformed atmosphere of suburbia. I began to move. I began to dance. I did not care who was watching. I was living in the moment. I couldn’t stop. Janet and her lyrics were right. I was aware on an August morning run to celebrate this feeling because although it may be temporary, I could tap into it at anytime.


All I could ever ask for is for those around me to realize something they may have overlooked focusing on what you cannot see. You get to live in your own creative, and vibrant world internally always. It’s difficult when you may be experiencing challenges but if you’re disciplined enough to shut everything and everyone not in alignment with your journey and design of your life, you just like Janet says, can live for the moment in your own personal euphoria.




My blog has meant everything to me and it gives me life the same way Janet breathed it into me during a routine run. I was born to create. We all were, and we’re made for now. That’s all we have so Go UP! Janet and Daddy Yankee’s catchy and colorful  summer hit, was a powerful reminder to allow my ears to hear the whispers of what my souls is telling me. I implore anyone reading this to do the same. It always tells us the way to bliss, make sure you’re listening.