Hey Ruelon Tribe,

So apparently my last two blog posts disappeared into thin air and although I have my initial drafts, they weren’t my finalized edits (always back up). Unfortunately I cannot recreate the vibe, nor headspace I was in at the time so we’ll simply move on.



I do however, have good news! In June 2019, I had a soft launch of my podcast RuelonOutFront. It was my intention to have it be a regular occurrence but life got in the way and priorities took center stage. The effort none the less, is still my gift to all of you as an extension of my platform. It was time.



The goal of the podcast is to become more of a visible presence, and also allow you to hear the voice behind the words. You know what I’ve written, but as my Instagram feedback would suggest, you’d like to have more from Ruelon himself. In 2020 and beyond, you will get what resonated the most with you – me!

Available on most podcast platforms, I hope to continue the level of intimacy, transparency, and authentic vibes you’re used to getting from Ruelon.com. I haven’t figured this podcast life out yet, but I do have a story to tell. I hope you’ll join me OutFront as we discuss a myriad of lifestyle topics tailored just for us.