Pure white sand separates my toes as they struggle for position to reach the turquoise waters. At first, there is trepidation as I await the first touch of moisture on the souls of my feet. I’m good, I feel the warmth, and it’s inviting. There are no frigid surprises to shake me to my core. Just a warm hug as the water begins to encapsulate me from below.  Completely submerged, I open my eyes and see the wonders of the unknown. A world that is unfamiliar, fascinating, and frightening all at once. 



I’m committed to this paradise embracing me. I will do the same in return. As I slowly regain my footing, finding my way back to my lounge chair, I lean on the massive wood umbrella stand, powerfully anchored in the earth below. I wonder how does it support itself day in and day out. What did it take for it to be so strong? I envy its position and wish I could be as consistent. As I lay back into submission, I sip my drink which is the final indicator for me that I’m where I’m supposed to be. By the ocean, under the umbrella that feels as it it was placed here just for me. I am protected. I’m here to heal. I am home!