Gut wrenching laughter with friends by poolside bars, making friends with vibrant personalities who possess passports from Canada, England, and Brazil, and anxiously awaiting the opening of beachside jerk chicken huts, may mean that one could possibly be on vacation. For many people, this time of free spirits, libations, and beach leisure is only a few times a year, if at all. It’s for that very reason that we deem these moments as a fun extension of a weekend version of ourselves. 



It isn’t real however, because real can only mean 9-5 gigs, long commutes, and stress headaches occurring during the week far too many times than we care to count. A life that is real for so many is struggle, bad weather, and grinding to maintain an existence we have to take a break from a few times a year, approved only by the powers that be. A seven day escape to the tropics, is a dream that once in a while can be a drop in the bucket like reality that lasts only as long as the ripple effect from that single drop. 


If you’ve done any amount of soul searching, hopefully you have reached the point where you know that happiness is a choice, yet what garners our attention, time, and creativity often ends up in the hands of those who keeps us from it. We know definitively that Manic Monday’s aren’t just a song, and that the vacation version of ourselves isn’t real all the time, nor are we worthy of being that person after we land back home after a long trip. That sadly, is one of the greatest lies ever told.



The lie isn’t explicitly told to us, rather slowly integrated into our social conditioning since birth. We are, hardwired into thinking that we can’t be our jovial alter egos on vacation at other times in our short lives. It is a concept that is reiterated to us over and over again in such a subtle fashion, that we don’t realize the damage this limited thinking does until it’s too late.


There is hope! Do you remember the part about choosing to be happy? Of course you do. The same rule applies to being the vacation you and setting yourself up to make that person more consistently real. It’s not to imply that you need to quit the job you hate, and become a digital nomad if it’s not economically feasible for you to do so. It means that you, at any given time have the power and choice to put a plan into action that warrants the life you dream about and deserve. 


To be great at any talent or skill, it requires, focus, commitment, and often being who you don’t want to be, to see the desired results you’ve worked so hard for. We can all have that peace, if we are willing to temporarily sacrifice it during the process in order to secure it. Everyone may not want to live all 365 days a year on a Caribbean island. If they do however, they are entitled to believing in doing what it takes to make that dream come to fruition. 


The vacation you isn’t a temporary avatar you display once you’ve given yourself permission to let go. It is a part of you that is hidden under all rules that somebody simply made up. We all need an income, we all have bills, but more importantly, we all owe it ourselves to have a life that is in alignment with who we really are.