About Ruelon

Ruelon.com was born out of a passionate desire to showcase same gender loving men of color like never before. Through many years of myself living under the radar, I grew tired of existing in a society that at times, only seemed to tolerate me. I wanted a vehicle that boldly defined who we are by tangible examples of our varied and colorful existence.

A Proud Showcase of Same Gender Loving Men of Color

The time has come to profile real life stories and individuals, as only we know how. This network will do just that. As I began my own journey of transformation, it only seems fitting that I presented a platform that would unapologetically detail and define our very existence and that we, above all, matter.

If you ask most gay men about their lifestyle, they will talk about their families, travel destinations, friendships, or simply whom they committed a lifetime to. If a lifestyle were only defined by whom you slept with, many of our heterosexual counterparts would have some explaining to do.

Take a journey with Ruelon.com, as you will be granted access to our true definition of living a vibrant and authentic lifestyle. Now is the time to connect with many other men of color and see us boldly existing among many forms of adversity. Whether it’s our stories of jet-setting around the globe, the businesses we create, or the trial and tribulations we encounter that make us who we are. Now, WE have a space to call our own.

No longer is it acceptable to viewed as the sidekick to reality show mavens, or worshipers of pop divas. We are not bound by the limited depictions often shown across various media outlets. We are attorneys, entrepreneurs, performers, educators, and influencers. Our power is limitless and ruelon.com is committed to redefining who we are. Fasten your seatbelts and join me in putting a stamp on what we as same gender loving men of color contribute to society.

Darrin Johnson

Darrin Johnson


I’ve dedicated my life to a transformational journey of self-discovery and purpose. After much reflection, it became clear that it was no longer acceptable to go through life simply to exist under the radar rather than boldly living the life of my dreams.

 I am committed to taking all those who stand in their truth and greatness unapologetically with me. It’s time to redefine who we are through action, visibility, and love. We will decide for ourselves that we are a perfect and unique version of manhood and that is enough.

 Our friendships, romantic relationships, and contribution to the planet cannot be reduced to being a lifestyle choice based of whom we love. It is my intention to create a movement of sophisticated, same-gender loving men doing extraordinary things.