Why Ruelon?

The mission of Ruelon.com is to promote lifestyle branding for the community of same gender loving men of color. We want to tell the narrative of sophisticated, mobile, Transformative, brothers who are contributing to the planet. Now is the time to define who we are on our own terms. There is strength in numbers and visibility.

Promoting the Healthy Living for Same Gender Men of Color

Ruelon.com is also about highlighting real-life men, living openly and successful in their own right. We will focus on the pride and knowledge of the collective power we possess and how that can inspire and change lives.

This is an opportunity to spotlight events of bold and visible individuals in a positive format. The connection with same gender men of color globally, will promote unity and transformative change in the world.

As an alternative to the romantic, love/relationship obsessed narrative; we’ll focus on self-love, self-care, and the road to living audaciously and unapologetically.

Ruelon.com is committed to defining a style that is outside of the box, and individually authentic. Let’s showcase our lives as the well-rounded, diverse beings we are who just happen to be same gender loving.