What Would We Lose by Defining Who We Are As Men?

If we stepped into the light–finally becoming visible for the multi-dimensional, powerful, beings we are–we could move mountains. Ruelon.com unapologetically stands for the support and visibility of same gender loving men of color.

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Is Instagram The New Grindr?

It’s rough out here in these social media streets. The world domination of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have evolved to the point of allowing our obsession with being connected, to become part of our daily routine. Move over coffee and bagels, mornings just aren’t...

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5 Ways To Fight The Post Vacation Blues

Your plane has landed. After going through baggage and customs, your exhaustion sets in due to several days of leisure. You are now beginning your second descent back to your reality. Brick by brick, your mind begins to put up a wall of protection. An impenetrable...

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Are Man Weaves For You?

There was a time when folks across social media platforms were claiming beards are the new six-pack. I for one did not, but I did start growing one in early 2015.  One of the reasons I decided to pledge my allegiance to the illustrious beard gang was that it provided...

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Why Suicide Wasn’t Good Enough: Part Four

Things weren’t getting better. In fact they were continuing to get worse but I began to trust myself and the butterflies in my stomach that told me, something better is coming. I found myself each day expressing gratitude because as dismal and things were, they could...

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