I’ve been told on numerous occasions that clothes make the man. Before there existed a world of style influencers on social media, it was my father who inspired me to always put my best fashion foot forward and maintain an air of individuality. “Don’t look like everyone else he said.” I took those words to heart but as I scroll through my timelines, I might have been the only one who did.


These days, my style inspiration derives from a multitude of sources. Many of which I access via Instagram, YouTube, and now the social app juggernaut TikTok. What was surprising as it related to some of my followers (and friends), was that I was the lone ranger in my support of black men who are unapologetically killing the style game.


I’d consider most men in my social circle to be conscious of their appearance but what was noticeably absent when I reviewed their social media, was the perhaps unintentional snub of popular male style influencers. All whom command a bevy of support from non-melanated men with huge platforms of their own. The majority of the content I see from people boast similar style looks which appear to be more on-trend with what’s popular, rather than an acquired sense of style rooted in one’s unique personality. 


Maybe my friends don’t need the guidance, but if we’re all supporting our respective sports teams, hip hop artists, and actors who may have a team of stylists to make them look follow-worthy, isn’t it worth asking where their fave’s style influence might be coming from? This isn’t a deep-dive think piece into why folks follow, or do not follow someone, rather an introduction to men who provide useful content which speaks of cultural nuance, and the evolution of style as men mature.


Check out three of my favorite style content creators that you aren’t following.


Dev On Deck


I discovered Devin Anderson better know as Devondeck across social media platforms after I initially wrote about my favorite style YouTubers.  I’m not sure how I missed this brother’s contribution but better late than never right? Devon like other influencers, draws you in with authentic energy and a wealth of knowledge regarding men’s fashion. What sets him apart from other content creators, is his ability to speak on issues concerning men who like myself during the Covid-19 era, have a little bit more to love. Devin tows the line of fashion with a sense of realness creating style choices for the lives men actually live, as opposed to just black tie affairs, and upscale settings.






With me it’s not always about the aesthetic as much as it is about the function


George Myrie, who goes by the clever moniker Stuylin, is the total package creating a smooth, aesthetic vibe. Stuylin’s lifestyle brand combines clothes, and accessories in a way which allows his followers to feel they are experiencing life as he does. Something rarely seen from influencers who focus more on the glitz and less on fits in motion. Stuylin is the fashion chameleon we should all aspire to be, particularly when choosing looks that work with settings requiring you to up your style ante. When he’s not sporting pics of the ultimate beard and sick hat game, he’s utilizing his website to create written content on matters from style, to social issues currently impacting the culture.


The Welthe Guy (The Professor Of Style)



My newest revelation as of the late, is none other than The Welthe Guy. This influencer has such a regal presence much like his given (I’m assuming) name of Robert Pauley III. A gentleman with such a strong name would obviously be worth following right? Of course he is and his unique flair filters into his own sense of style via a Bespoke line of outerwear featuring jackets and coats designed to be the topic of conversation at any social gathering. Armed with an infectious personality, The Welthe Guy is not only sharing his talents with clothes, but he also launched new skincare line, Welthe Skin, which is currently available now.


There you have it. I’ve provided you with three of my favorite influencers you’re not following. All of whom should command your attention. I write this piece partly in jest of course. I’m not here judging anyone’s fashion choices as people choose to look how they want to look. I only wish to inspire my readers and introduce them to notable figures that quite frankly, all deserve our support ensuring their success and rightful place in the spotlight of Men’s style. There is enough space on digital platforms for all of us to feel encouraged to follow the beat of our own drum, and not hop on trendy bandwagons. Check these brothers out for yourselves and let me know who, and what influence your personal style.