“I’m a classic man. You can be mean when you look this clean, I’m a classic man.” Lyrically speaking, the catchy chorus of the hit song Classic Man echoed by ultra stylish singer Jidenna resonates with me personally.  My father, a man who is the biggest male influence in my life, always taught me the importance of dressing well and looking the part. Whatever that may be.


As men’s fashion and style choices continue to evolve, I’m unapologetically along for the ride. That includes seeking new outlets providing information pertaining to what’s new, now, and next. One of my favorite ways to keep my eye on what fellas are into is by watching men’s style influencers on YouTube.



My style inspiration doesn’t just come from notable standards such as GQ or Details magazine. Well maybe just a little, but only by way of their digital existence via Instagram. These days, I’m also checking out the multitude of diverse YouTubers who are all bringing something different to the men’s style arena. Some better than others I might add.


On rainy Sunday’s and late nights during the week when I should be sleeping, I’m watching popular personalities on YouTube all vying for attention in an overcrowded genre. Three of my personal favorites are The Style OG, Alex Costa, and 40overFashion. These fashion forward men couldn’t be more different, and I’m influenced a little by each while taking some of what their offering with a grain of salt. I’ll explain why later.


Let’s begin with my favorite men’s fashion influencer The Style OG also known as Jeffrey. He’s probably the one I can relate to the most for a few obvious reasons. He’s man of color, of a certain age, and confidently rocks a bald head / beard combo. OG comes across as an approachable, wise, and overall homie. He’s the buddy you grew up with that like most of us, probably has some pretty dope advice to give that extends beyond what sports jacket to wear with various shades of denim.



OG adds his fashionable two cents and often provides a disclaimer that overall, personal style is just that – personal. He’s not here to tell you what to wear, but merely suggesting what may go over well as you create your own style persona. My takeaway from this dapper guru is that diversity in your fashion choices should allow you to go from black tie events to family cookouts. He covers it all!



Next up we have Brazilian export and now LA resident Alex Costa. He’s younger but doesn’t exude the often dismissive millennial vibe. As a former YouTube employee now popular style influencer on the very same platform, Alex in my opinion, separated himself from the pack of the younger guys for virtually one reason- aesthetics.



I’ve binged watched  Alex’s videos since his early days. The one apparent factor about him is consistency in providing men’s fashion content that is not only informative, but overall pleasing to the eye. Everything from his sleek (annoyingly clean) bachelor pad, to his crisp and vibrantly produced videos, implies that appearance, and quality content matter. He’s aspirational without being showy, and has an affable personality to boot. He’s my go to for overall products regarding skincare, men’s accessories etc. I have no use for the hair tips because well, I’m in the shaved head club. My only criticism is that he appears to not make style allowances for more relaxed events for which OG does flawlessly. He’s still worth checking out and is truly worthy of being called, a brand.



The last of my favorite style influencers and certainly not least, is 40overFashion. His actual name is John, and he’s stands out by having an amazing platform that boldly represents what I’ve been saying for years. Getting older does not mean you give up on looking and feeling your ultimate best past the age of 35!



John, like Jeffrey and Alex, has the personality game down. Where he differs, is that his content feels more like an actual experience whether you’re watching his videos, or consuming other helpful tips via his blog, and Instagram account. He’s the most relaxed of the three and that’s not only welcoming, but facilitates engagement with his audience. His knowledge of fashion even if it may not be your personal choice, is impressive. John isn’t afraid to shake things up when it comes to style and will admit when he’s gotten it wrong. It’s all a part of the fashion game and his biggest influence, is that he wants every man to play.



There are countless other men on YouTube whom I also enjoy. Some are up and coming, others more established. These three stuck with me because they don’t rely on inauthentic, over the top antics to gain viewership. They all seem to love, and care about the content they’re creating.


Now back to whether or not I take heed to everything Jeffrey, Alex, and John have to say. I do not. As I mentioned earlier, style is personal, and it often commands the respect of the people you’re interacting with and the environments in which you frequent. Although I feel that every man should own a suit, have his clothes tailored, and dress age appropriate, for some men, the rules of fashion are a reflection of their world and experiences.



What is notably missing from what I’ve seen on YouTube is the same gender loving man’s perspective. Now don’t get me wrong. Fashion is fashion and style is style regardless of who you are. There are however, different fashion choices that only work in some social settings and not others.



I can put options together based on the influence of my top three youtubers, but are they really addressing those of us who move in circles where athleticism, sex appeal, and Uber relaxed styles are not only encouraged but also the norm? If you’ve been to Drtakeover or Sizzle Miami, you know where I’m coming from. You can be sophisticated, stylish, and impactful but still need to kick it up a few notches on the eye candy meter. I’m still waiting for that influencer to address that under represented niche market. Who knows? Maybe it will be me.


I leave you now with homework not only check out the brilliant content from some of my favorite stylish men, but to begin if you haven’t already, to craft a more polished and intentional sense of style. My personal approach to men’s fashion is that it’s ok to dress well just for you! It’s ok to feel confident, sexy, and empowered without compromising your definition of a classic man. Whatever you decide to wear, DO YOU!