A long time ago in a suburb far away (Long Island), My dad once told me that when it comes to clothes, choose quality over quantity. He went on to add that every man should own a tailored suit, a pair of good black dress shoes, a subtle fragrance, and a good watch. If you’re wearing jewelry, let it be minimal and tasteful. These were such wise words coming from the man who was truly my first male fashion icon. I am my father’s son, but there are some generational differences as to how much detail we paid to our underwear.

“You deserve quality, comfort, and style at an affordable price.”


My dad comes from a generation where the old school Fruit of the Loom briefs were sturdy, supportive (until they weren’t) but even then you didn’t get rid of them, EVER! I on the other hand subscribe to my own adage of, if it loses its shape; it’s time to part ways. I also want what I wear underneath my clothes, to be just as much as a conversation starter as what I’m presenting to the world on the outside.



Today, there are plenty of options for men to choose from when they want style, comfort, and a great fit regarding their underwear. There aren’t too many brands who take men’s fashion to another level for the mobile gentlemen who likes to take calculated fashion risks, until Blue Collar Underwear came along.

“Do everything with Passion while dismissing failure as an option.


I discovered Blue Collar from a social media friend and immediately became interested in finding out more about it. I’m so glad that I did. When I ventured onto the website, aesthetically speaking, It was a bold and sexy sight to behold. There were a bevy of stylish, colorful, and of course sexy underwear to suit your every need for even the most pickiest of consumers. I personally have in my possession their Troupster brief in both red and black. I also took a bold risk in purchasing their eggplant indigo underwear. I won’t post any pictures wearing that one on social media but take my word for it, they all fit amazing and the fabric feels great against the skin. Unlike some other competitors, Blue Collar underwear actually moves with your body. The unisex shorts are reminiscent of my catholic school days (if school uniforms were sexy), but much more comfortable and trendy.




As summer begins to grace us with its presence, Blue Collar also offers options for you to increase your fashionable WOW factor whether it is poolside or at the beach. Take your pick of vibrant and sporty swimwear that are sure add a little touch of class as you make your mark as a trendsetter. The company boldly states on their website that “Blue Collar has nothing to do with the type of work that you do, but everything to do with the determination that lives on the inside of you. You deserve quality, comfort, and style at an affordable price.” I can say first hand that they mean exactly what they say. This is such a great concept that fits right into the heart and soul of what my platform is all about. It just so happens that Blue Collar adopts this mindset into quality products that doesn’t just look incredible, but are functional.



I’m a huge advocate of supporting people and products I believe in and Blue Collar is no different. Take some time out of your busy schedule to pay them a visit at Bluecollarunderwear.net. I’ll close with quoting their website once again, “Do everything with Passion while dismissing failure as an option.” I couldn’t have said it better. I’ll be sure to follow their lead and do so with an amazing sense of style.