The most memorable experiences I’ve had are a result of being of a man of a certain age. My twenties were typical. Throwing a myriad of life choices at the wall just to see what would stick. Unfortunately, I’ve also spent a good amount of that time waiting, as my then mindset would dictate – for life to begin. When I think of all the men I’ve admired in my life, their accomplishments, status, and personality, not one of them were in their twenties.


We fellas are looking better than ever these days and it’s more than just something in the water, or that good black don’t crack. We are growing older with fitness being at the forefront of our lives. We are redefining what is our prime, and dashing into maturity with style, swagger, and wisdom. All the things grown men are made of.



We do not have to look to celebrities as an example of how to age powerfully with grace. My own group of friends are doing just that. Some are rocking full beards dusted with thin to wide brush strokes of silver. They are opting to embrace the changes of time rather than succumb to the dutiful efforts of Bigen or other hair dye products.


We are the first generation to witness hip-hop go mainstream, and are just as comfortable rocking a fitted as we are donning a flamekeeper hat club fedora. Our closets have diversified, and our wardrobe is more a reflection of whom we become, with an added touch of nostalgia. Our tailored suits share space with our Jordans, and they do not out rank each other, but rather each take precedence depending on the occasion.




The stories we’ve heard from our parents who grew up in rural areas eating real food changed what we now seek out and consume. Feeling good and maintaining active lives became paramount. We’ve implemented plant based diets, cleaner options, and ensured our workouts are as organic to our daily routines as brushing our teeth.


I’ve read somewhere that confidence and ego are entirely two different things. Ego can produce a false sense of security dependent upon everything being just right to mandate how we look, feel, and move. Swagger, as I often love claiming, is about having gone through challenges in which we’ve learned the valuable lessons, and integrated them into our lives rather than hiding its truth. It’s rooted in the pain that we reclaimed as power. It hits you differently, allowing you to move with a sway that is not rehearsed, but a natural strut of courage and strength.  It’s sexy, it’s intentional, and indicative of not just what you’ve been through, but what you’ve overcome.



Our wisdom  is that whisper in your ear which  says, “we’ve been here before and you’ve got this.” It’s is a gift, a skill-set, a tool of self-mastery that cannot be born of youth, but through experience. It keeps you out of the drama that’s not serving you, and equally releases you from the fear of taking risks. It’s comfortable to be stuck in your ways, but it’s a wise man that knows his best days are ongoing, beyond comfort zones, and that he’s responsible for manifesting his what’s next.