I hereby declare myself man boob free! Okay now that I have your attention, I wanted to bask in my own glory of approaching my one year anniversary of my gynecomastia surgery. I have absolutely no regrets about going through with the procedure. Every day that goes by, I can’t help but smile from ear to ear when flexing in front of the bathroom mirror. 


It’s been such a liberating experience having my chest match the spirit, and vision of the man I was on the inside. There are moments however, where I shake my head at the sight of my former chest and release a sigh of relief knowing that the limited existence I was living due to suffering with gynecomastia, and that cycle of my life, is now over!



One of the things I’m most grateful for (besides being able to feel comfortable walking around shirtless) is that I had a front row seat to my surgery. Now yes, throughout the experience at Lexington Plastic Surgeons in New York City, I was under anesthesia, but I was fortunate enough to have it all recorded to view at my leisure while I recovered at home.


The surgery which lasted a couple of hours, was broadcasted live on periscope for all the world to see. Well at least those who logged in and were curious enough to stop, look, and give the occasional WTF gasp!  I thought it might be a great idea to share with my readers exactly what one would experience if they are suffering from, and wanted to do something about the Big Gyno monster. 



So here it is, my transformation in which my surgeon, Dr. Gerald Ginsberg will take you through each step as he literally changes my life right before your eyes. You’ll be able to see what I went through and hopefully become informed enough to decide if going through with male breast reduction procedure (gynecomastia) is right for you. 


Believe it or not, my results are still taking form. It’s not uncommon for complete recovery and optimum results to not fully take effect until about six months to a year. So grab some popcorn, No wait, don’t do that. I will warn you now that the video is graphic. It is surgery after all but it’s important for interested parties to see how the procedure is supposed to be executed. Don’t be fooled by shifty surgeons only performing liposuction and not actual glandular tissue excision which is the root of your gynecomastia.



After viewing the video, you cannot say you weren’t in the know or that I didn’t steer you in the right direction. Also, be sure to refer back to my previous posts for additional helpful tips and feel free to leave your comments and questions below.  I’ll be taking a hiatus for the remainder of the year so I will see all of you in 2019. Here’s to a better year for all of us!


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