It’s that time of year. You know the time. When people are filled with cheer, you’re begging your friend to make you that fresh batch of coquito, and feeling as if watching the ball drop on the sofa New Year’s Eve is a much better idea than an awkward holiday party. Ok, maybe this is just me.



The holiday season is in full swing and I am all for it! Regrettably, it is also the most challenging season I’ve encountered in a long time. To be completely honest, the last two years have been less than stellar and bordering tragic (I’m being polite). In an attempt to bob, and weave through the fight of self-mastery, misfortune, and chaos, I’ve been feeling more like myself as 2019 ends, and my 2020 vision as a result – is acute and intentional.



One of the worst feelings in the world, particularly during the holidays, is feeling out of step with everything, and everyone. I’m not alone. I know this because whatever challenges I’m facing, someone else out there in the world is either going through something similar, or grappling with their own unique struggle. That, surprisingly enough – is comforting!


To some, being part of the club of adversity may not be the most desirable place to be. It can however, be exactly what you need. It’s an opportunity to connect with those who’ve overcome the unimaginable, and persevered! It’s your chance to decide just who the hell you are when things aren’t going your way. Lastly, you are always gifted with the choice to learn the lesson in the worst of circumstances. The lesson of compassion for yourself, what not to do going forward, and exactly who you’ll need in your corner as you decide BE a better version of yourself.


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As you trim the tree, gather with friends and family while having a few too many cocktails, just know that as the world takes a breather- so should you! You’ve earned the right to take a break from the grind and focus on getting back to being –YOU! Reclaiming your life is an inside job and it requires time, patience, and a few splashes of grace.


As I’ve mentioned earlier, not only do I feel familiar vibes, I’m also beginning to believe in myself once again. That’s a good thing. I’ve felt the fire deep within that I thought was extinguished long ago. I’m purposely making this holiday what I need it to be to get through, and endure. It’s doesn’t need to be anything more than that. Just a spark, a belief, and lots of hard work (or alcohol-I’m still deciding). That is my hope, and message to whomever is reading this as well (booze optional). wishes you an abundant, and intimate holiday season full of love, and self-care. As the new year approaches, think not of what you’ve lost, but what you’ve gained by way of trial and error with lessons learned. You’ve got this, and there is a part of you that always knew you did. All you needed was to get to a point where you became sick and tired,of being sick and tired – ultimately CHOOSING a different way to exist.


Here’s to 2020, and all that you’ll decide you’re worthy of having.

Happy Holidays!