Summer is well underway and most of us are already approaching our second major national holiday of the year, The Fourth of July. Whether or not you’re planning a stay-cation or gearing up for upcoming destination getaway, it is with deep regret that I must inform you that your summer schedule beginning July 4, 2017, will be feverishly interrupted. You’ve read that right! We are all moments away from having to edit our music playlists, change music selection at wedding receptions, and re-think music of already over booked roof-top parties. Just who is the blame for this? None other than Dallas crooner Martone!


The emperor of house music dropped a bomb on our house heads earlier this spring with the unapologetic and ultra sexy single F*ck Me Baby! We are still recovering from spontaneous movement at all night parties that began at the first beat of the club banger. Those of us who shared this musical gem on social media are still having awkward conversations with aunties and clearing our inboxes from potential suitors (Thank you). Martone couldn’t leave well enough alone though. Just as HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones leaves us on the edge of our seats, Martone is back with his blazing new single and cover of Little Willie John’s FEVER.


The listener is automatically drawn in to a world of musical seduction when pressing play


Two versions of Fever will drop into our universe one being the original, which I’m already claiming as a summer, rooftop party anthem of choice. This is not your mother’s Fever however, and Martone makes sure of that while introducing slick staccato beats infused with deep hypnotic bass the singer is famously known for. This is all pulled together in unison with an audible homage to the signature finger snaps and melody of the song’s original 1956 recording, which multiple generations can identify within seconds. If F*ck Me Baby is the main course, then Martone’s Fever is definitely the sensational appetizer one cannot refuse.


Fever may cause you to release the real version of yourself and lose control regardless of the day of the week.


As always, Martone knows that the musical pallet of his fans cannot be satisfied with just one bite. He offers another serving of the song via the Extreme’s Deep Fever Remix. This version wastes no time and gives you exactly what you want, BASS! The listener is automatically drawn in to a world of musical seduction when pressing play. This is also the moment when the energy of the club has already shifted. We are well past pleasantries and small talk at the party as the song ensues; it’s a build up sensuality, attraction, and the knowledge that your bartender has surely set you up nicely. All bets are off, the room is lit, and you’ve broken a sweat while your inhibitions go to the wind. This may not have been what you came here for, but Martone is completely responsible for this attack on your soul compelling you to dance like no one is watching. To put it simply, he’s given us something we didn’t know we wanted.



It’s now three AM, you have work the next morning, and you’ve already decided to cancel on that 5am workout. When you wake up, your thighs, lower back, and abdominals are sore and you can’t figure out why. As you shower, make that morning coffee, get dressed and head out the door, it hits you. You know the exact reason why your muscles ache, and that your sleep has been deprived; yet still humming Fever  while replaying the night before in your head. It’s Martone’s fault and quite frankly, he owes us all an apology. If that is too much to ask, possibly a disclaimer on every music outlet that says, Fever may cause you to release the real version of yourself and lose control regardless of the day of the week. Listeners and fans need to be made aware of the side effects upfront from the experience of Martone and Fever. It would be the responsible thing to do to allow us to decide for ourselves if we want to know the warnings, yet ignore them time and time again. Fever hits iTunes on July fourth, do yourself a favor and download it immediately. is not responsible for personal days wasted as a result. You can’t blame it on the alcohol, but you can definitely blame it on Martone, and then thank him later.