Hot Boy Summer is over! I hate to be the bearer of such bad news but if I didn’t shake your souls back to the reality of seasonal change – who would? Fall is upon us and that means men have the option of transitioning into Suave Man Autumn. That isn’t a thing I know, but greeting the weather which yields Halloween, and drunk uncles exaggerating war stories around the Thanksgiving table shouldn’t be void of both trendy, and stylish accessories.


My rule of thumb when it comes to my favorite items is that it should enhance your personalityand individual style – not take away from it. Less is more, and it takes time to acquire a taste for the little extras that makes your whole look a standout.



As you down your pumpkin spice lattes with coconut milk, or sip on your Old Fashions, take a peek at my top three men’s fall accessories for 2019.


First up, we have supermodel Tyson  Beckford’s eponymous new eyewear line. Cool specs from one of the world’s first, pre-Instagram influencers may having you asking the question – What took you so long Tyson? Not surprisingly enough, the array of sunglasses are exactly what you’d expect from the man who once added the sexy to Toni Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart video. 



Sleek, sexy, and masculine craftsmanship adorn the collection showcasing robust colors, grounded in earth tones. Whether you’re sporting the red, blue, gold, or the black version, the sophisticated design, and tints will compliment the ambers of various hues and complexions.


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I must admit that I am a Ray-ban lover, but this new line from Tyson are giving my former affinity for standard aviation glasses a run for my money. They retail at $210 but definitely recommended if you’re looking for an investment piece in your own collection.


Autumn’s cooler temps will take us right into winter but not without first embarking upon the start of the holiday season. What’s Fall without a weekend getaway? That brings me to my second favorite fall accessory – Carl Friedrik’s Palissy weekend bag. The swagger of this gem is destined to be any man’s exclamation on a fashionable statement piece.



Offering it’s splendor in various shades of Italian Vachetta leather, the exquisite design boasts a functionality of both style and purpose. I would be remiss if i didn’t mention there are cheaper versions out there, but again if you’re intent on building a wardrobe of investment pieces, you might want to include this bag.Check out Youtube influencer The Style OG’s review below and let me know what you think.



Now I talked about eyewear, and the bag that will grab the attention of style connoisseurs and their admirers, how about we round out these accessories with a little wrist candy. Since my watch game is still in a state of becoming, I want to bring your attention to beads. That would be none other than BoyBeads, a Harlem based company changing the jewelry game one bead at a time. I’m not ashamed to say that Boybeads has been draining my wallet for quite some time now. Allow me to explain why I’m a fan (addicted).



With their new fall line now available, Boybeads proudly states they are celebrating the age of Aquarius- the Age of Enlightenment. The intricately designed beaded bracelets which like Tyson Beckford, appear to look to Mother Earth for inspiration, add touches of turquoise, hematite, and Tiger eye to its creations. It’s not just the beautifully produced bracelets that steal the show, but also Boybead’s signature niche of sophistication, class, and attention to detail. Their well earned reputation of quality wins over even the most skeptical of consumers. Get them while they last fellas, and thank me later in the comments.



Well there you have it. My top three fall accessories that truly live up to the adage of simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. As you enjoy the changing foliage, and the anticipation of holiday gatherings – spice up your life a notch with some of my favorite things, or explore others that speak to your style eye. Summer may be gone with the wind for now, but hot boy styles are always in season. Cheers to a safe, happy, and accessorized Suave Man Autumn!