We’re all bored in the house and in the house bored. Yes, I, too, can join the quarantine fun and spout viral TikTok catch-phrases at random. It appears more people are discovering the app’s tongue in cheek appeal due to The Coronavirus.Rona, as she’s unaffectionately been dubbed, is the current bane of our existence with absolutely no Fucks to give.


The elusive virus dismantled our way of life, leaving a path of destruction resulting in deaths numbering in the thousands. We’re in danger y’all, and not even I can easily find the silver lining in the infectious clouds looming above our heads.


I could break down the details of our current reality, but if your anything like my dad, you’re already willingly (or unwillingly) inundating yourself with around the clock coverage ad nauseam. You’re sick of it all, and you just want to get a fresh haircut and find a roll of toilet paper without having to fight to the death for it. As we manage our lives through an unprecedented new normal, I had to ask myself, what if the universe is allowing us to reset?



I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve been unaffected by social distancing, being in quarantine, or the infamous toilet paper drought. If you’ve been following my blog for the past year, you know I’ve faced the very same setbacks some people are unfortunately experiencing now. I was prepared for this pandemic. An even better secret is that I was sick for a month in February with symptoms now consistent with that of Covid-19 (I wasn’t tested). I’m better, but it knocked me on my butt and gave me something I wasn’t expecting – motivation.



I painfully concluded about six months ago that the life I deserved had to be taken by any means necessary. I was done being in a place literally and figuratively not in alignment with who I am. Today, I’m convinced more than ever that the current climate of uncertainty is further evidence of a total reset of my life. It was time to abdicate my throne of entitlement and treat it as such.


The moment I began making life decisions based on the worthiness of instead of fear, I felt more like my old self, returned to social media, and the magic that I thought was gone forever was making a comeback. Enter Rona stage left, forcing me to re-evaluate my goals amid a global pandemic. To say that the timing of the virus was a roadblock is an understatement. I knew, however, that deep down in my gut, that I was ready for the challenge of a new beginning.


If this is my reset, my second chapter, then it would have its start right smack dab in the middle of an outbreak.  Hand washing and Netflix binging aside, I wondered could this life on pause also be an opportunity for others to become better versions of themselves. I’m an advocate of self-care and rest when you need it, so allow me to suggest that you take Mother Nature’s timeout as your chance to do things differently. Pursue your passion, reconnect with family, find your tribe, and for once, decide to prioritize your well being over your daily grind.


If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that we are adaptable creatures who don’t always give ourselves credit for being able to overcome just about anything. We’ll get through this, but we won’t be returning to what was, but rather something with the potential to be more significant.