Life is hard. There is no getting around that fact. There are however, insurmountable pockets of joy that I’ve been told, should even the scale. What if it doesn’t though? What if there are just extreme circumstances that occur in your life that are beyond comprehension and rationale? What if youve experienced far too many heartbreaks and misfortune that in your mind, convince you to give up the fight.


Our personal journey can sometimes feel like war. An unapologetic punch in the gut attack that comes at the most inconvenient of times. It is a constant battle to make sense of what has happened to you, or adapting to the catastrophic mess you may have created yourself. Then there is the realization you come to regarding the choices you’ve made that led up to it. 




We can encounter moments that give credence to the saying shit happens. A series of unfortunate events that are beyond our control. They create the inescapable “loud thoughts” in our minds. The kind of thoughts that keep us up at night recreating what happened, and what you could have done differently to not be where you are. Whether you are a good person whose had the unspeakable happen to them, or you’re a product of choosing a path not in alignment with who you are, it all comes down to choice.


When you feel as if you’re living in the bowels of impossibility, it will be the choices you make, or don’t make that will determine whether you will move on, or live in your misery permanently. At the height of sadness and despair, the pain which crippled you can morph into a security blanket providing you comfort. If you’re not careful, it can become your identity and ultimately your world. A sunken place that you will muster every ounce of your dwindling strength to defend it’s existence and to maintain your current status quo.




Within all of us, there lies a piece of ourselves who we’ve always been during the good times that gave us joy, and the tough times that made us stronger. It is our soul that despite it all, never gives up! The problem is, that soul, that core essence that makes you the best version of yourself, cannot lead you from an place of hopelessness.   


It will simply sit inside of you dormant, patiently waiting for you to decide to be you – to step up. It is a part of you that is arrogant, and taunts you with whispers saying, but you already know what to do to overcome your pain don’t you?




It is in that moment of the whisper that you’ll have to decide who you’re going to have to be in order to move forward. You’ll have to embrace relying on nothing but a feeling, a courageous memory of you at your finest moments of badassery, and the soulful desire to be free of your pain and current circumstances. 


Your comeback, the triumph that you’ll need to tap into your soul for, will not come from physical manifestation of events that immediately shift your reality for the better. It will be the choice to want something more than the comfort of your pain. Pain is not your friend and it will provide all the evidence in the world to convince you that it is. It will be your choice to combat life’s losses while being uncomfortable every step of the way. The peace we seek does not live in the easy, but at the end of the messiness of the fight.