“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Yeah, it was the latter that summed up my 2018 but I’m a hopeless optimist at the end of the day. Whether the year has made you, or broke you, we as same gender loving men can all agree that there are some things we would be willing to not pack in our travel bags as we venture into the new year.



The following are a few of my own observations but I could honestly go on and on but hey, why should I have all the fun? Add your two cents in the comments but these are my top ten things I think gay men need to leave in 2018. 




  1. Instagram personal trainers clearly getting a little “help” achieving their physiques trying to convince you that you too can look like them after following their workout routines, and purchasing their meal plans.
  1. Over Promotion of Pop divas on social media. Jussie Smollett put out an amazing album that received little to no support from same gender loving men online.
  1. Thirst Trapping when you’re regular job is being an accountant but you’re putting adult entertainers to shame on Instagram. I’m watching though but…Why?
  1. The need to be perfect. You, your life, and your body are ENOUGH!
  1. Supporting organizations, churches, artists, and businesses that do not support you, and who you love.
  1. Voting against your interests just for a paycheck and attention. Believe me on this. It’s a thing.
  1. Obsession with the lives of celebrities you’ll never meet. Support your friends and family’s entrepreneurial efforts using your actual social media accounts. Beyoncé already has a paid staff.
  1. That annoying  Instagram selfie pose with one foot lifted while the other is firmly planted on the ground to give the illusion that you were caught off guard with a candid photo. The jig has been up. Take a selfie if you want and own it without it having to be anything but.
  1. Being offended by Kevin Hart while giving reality show divas a pass on past homophobic comments. Most of us were already in the know of the comedian’s comments and acted accordingly years ago. #TeamDerayDavis
  1. Not loving every part of ourselves. Society beats us up enough. We don’t have to join in the beat down giving the hardest blows we can muster. It’s possible to be proud of who we love without taking away from the countless other parts of our humanity.



Did I leave anything out? Don’t forget to comment below. Here’s to an abundant and prosperous new year!