There is something to be said about silence being golden. This phrase may sound familiar  as it was drilled into many of our heads since childhood. Particularly by our mothers, often exercising their maternal right to have the final word.

The same rule of thumb however, shouldn’t apply to someone asking questions regarding how they overcame an insecurity or challenge that has plagued them for years. It is often the silent struggle, that is relatable and inspires many who secretly wish to conquer something in their own lives.


The price for the surgery will vary from surgeon to surgeon, and possibly what exactly you’re having done in your unique situation.


At the time I shared my experience with gynecomastia surgery and initial recovery, the sound of crickets from many uninterested men was deafening. All it took was a quick search on YouTube to know that I was not alone in my struggle. It still however, as personal as my story was, not something men were connecting with, or felt comfortable discussing openly. Regardless of the lack of feedback, I thought of the questions I would have (had I not gone through with the surgery) that might resonate with brothers who are dealing with the uncomfortable, and challenging experience of living with enlarged, female like breasts.



Although I’ve seen dozens of questions online from men who are curious about, or have gone through the experience of gynecomastia treatment, here are the top 5 that you might be afraid to ask:


1. How much does gynecomastia surgery cost? Before I get into dollars and cents, let me preface it by saying I hate this question! If you had something you wanted, that you believed was completely unobtainable, but if you worked your butt off to make it happen, would you do it? The answer should be yes! For every time I’ve seen this question posed to online personalities, I would wonder what could the inquiring man adjust in his budget to allow himself to pay for gynecomastia treatment? The price for the surgery will vary from surgeon to surgeon, and possibly what exactly you’re having done in your unique situation. I’ve known guys who’ve shelled out anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000. I also know of one brother who was able to have the cost covered by insurance. There are very specific circumstances that this is covered so please do your due diligence in researching during your consultation period.



2. Was the surgery necessary? Now this is a loaded question often layered with judgement by inquiring minds. People may argue that one might seek treatment to be deemed more attractive to potential partners. You may even be lectured into believing that your body is enough, and anyone worth having romantically in your life, should love you just as you are. Man boobs and all. To that I say their right!  My counter argument to that however, is anything you desire to change in order better yourself physically, or emotionally is worth it! At seven months post surgery, I’m still excited at the results that have proven to be life altering. Was it all worth it? –Absofuckinglutely!



3. Were you afraid to tell people that you had man boobs? – YES. I still feel some type of way about it. How many people do you know would be comfortable telling people, especially other men, that not only are you suffering from gynecomastia, but you were actually going to do something about it? There was however, a comforting factor when I discovered that celebrities (allegedly) such as Dwayne Johnson, and popular Instagram trainers also experienced a bout with the embarrassing, and often socially limiting condition.

The good news is you’re not alone and although there are some contributing factors to gynecomastia, no man sets out intentionally to have man boobs. To put it directly, you can’t help it! Trust that there is treatment and a freedom which awaits you.  I promise it will be the gift that keeps on giving!



4. Will my chest look natural post surgery and recovery?  Let me reiterate my response in question one of doing your research of successful, reputable surgeons, and surgical centers. Just like your worthiness on this planet, it matters. 

It’s important to check out the before, and after pictures of your selected surgeon including patients who fit your build, and the degree of your gynecomastia. That would be a good indicator of your end result. You also have to take in consideration your skin’s elasticity and other factors so ask plenty of questions with your surgeon during your pre- op appointment. If all your questions aren’t answered, go elsewhere. 

I was very proud of my results. With little scarring and the level of care my surgeon executed, my results via Lexington Plastic Surgeons were amazing. It’s important to be confident after your first consultation and before you go under the knife. If you are, there shouldn’t be any reason why you would be unhappy with your recovery, and overall look of your new masculine chest.




5. Will people notice if you’ve had gynecomastia surgery? My personal experience is that they would not. The only people who would know you’ve had surgery are those who either knew of your struggle, and of course your surgeon. Hopefully, your family and friends will attribute your subtle (or dramatic) change in appearance to you kicking ass in the gym. 




A little fun tidbit is that my procedure inspired me to be the best version of myself physically. My nutrition and gym workouts were on fire once I was cleared to work out. You too can have that same motivation now that your chest matches the image of yourself that has always been in your head.




If you couldn’t tell from my previous posts about my personal journey with gynecomastia, I’m pretty passionate about the subject. I’ve always been an advocate of not waiting to live your life and taking action in order to do so. 


There are so many things we desire that are outside of our comfort zone. I believe if you’re courageous enough to ask for what your want, no matter how scary it might be, you would also be willing to ignore the fear to seek bliss on the other side of it.