Openly gay athletes; are we missing the point with these men who are proudly staying true to their declarations? Or, have we thrown them to the lion’s den?

What comes to mind when most same gender loving or men of color hear the names Michael Sam, Derrick Gordon, and Jason Collins? Call me crazy but I’m pretty sure maverick, hero, the gay Rosa Parks of sports, does not roll off the tongue. We’re now living in a world where we have three openly gay men of color who have become national news based on them boldly embracing who they are.

In some circles, this would be worthy of jumping up and down or at least breaking out into a Carlton Banks dance in the wake of such progressive stances. Rather than match the bravery of these young men, many have simply turned their heads and threw them to the lions den.

I could think of many reasons why brothers are not lining up to support these athletes. The main one being the ethnicity of the people they are, or have been in relationships with. That seems a bit petty to me but many men within the community have voiced some rather controversial disapprovals via social media.

Are we missing the point with these men who are proudly staying true to their path of authenticity? Is it possible that we could collectively band together with them and encourage others to stare adversity in the face and say, F*ck you? There will come a day when we look back at these gentlemen and truly appreciate the historical significance of their journey. If you think for one moment that a future Michael Jordan who happens to be gay is not inspired by the courage of these men, you’re kidding yourself.

True soldiers of change are often dismissed until they inspire a new generation of people who no longer can accept invisibility as an option. There is an opportunity join ranks now and support those who often do what most are too scared to. In standing for who we are and whom we love, we cannot lose.