What Would We Lose by Defining Who We Are As Men?

If we stepped into the light–finally becoming visible for the multi-dimensional, powerful, beings we are–we could move mountains. Ruelon.com unapologetically stands for the support and visibility of same gender loving men of color.

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Island Life, Sunshine And Paradise : 6 Reasons Why You Need To Book DRTakeover For Your End Of Summer 1st Class Experience

Circuit events or “Prides” as it's affectionately called in the black gay community, was something I avoided like the plague in the past. My perception of these events was that they were a ridiculous opportunity for individuals who led a vapid existence to have an...

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Dying From Within, Finding My Power, And Discovering I Am Not Fixed: My Journey Of Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – Part 3

There is power in truth. That power introduced me to something I never knew was possible, Freedom. It is after all, what is responsible for allowing me to begin speaking on all aspects of my life with family and friends. It also gave me the courage to be vocal about...

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How I Came Out To My African American Father From The Rural South In An Old Payphone Booth In New York City: My Journey Of Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – Part 1

On a hot summer day in June 2013, I stood in an old pay phone booth in New York City. I was to have a conversation that I would remember for the rest of my life. It was on this day that I told my African American father from the rural south that I was gay. I didn’t...

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